Driving home a brand new Kia is a great feeling. There's that sense of great pride and fulfillment once you're behind the wheel of a beautiful Kia sedan or SUV that's yours. However, here at Raymond Kia in 119 Route, 173 Antioch, IL 60002, many people constantly seek us out for advice on the never-ending debate on whether it's better to buy or lease a Kia vehicle. If you're stuck in the same dilemma, we'll take you through all the advantages and disadvantages of both options!

 When you Lease a Kia

 If you take the leasing route in any of the available Kia models at Raymond Kia, here are some of the pros and cons that you can expect:


Pros of Leasing a Kia

           You can access more recent Kia models at a more affordable price tag

          There is normally no upfront down payment involved

          Your lease agreement won't exceed more than 2 years

          Cheaper monthly payments than purchasing a brand new unit

          You can seamlessly swap your current model for a new one at the end of the lease period

          Pay off your lease in advanced for a minimum charge


Cons of Leasing a Kia

           The vehicle won't be yours

          Unable to sell the vehicle after your lease term expires

          Stringent restrictions regarding vehicle customizations and modifications

          There is a mileage limit that you need to follow every month


When you Buy a Kia

 If you decide to purchase any Kia for sale at your Kia dealer, here are some of the pros and cons that you can expect:


Pros of Buying a Kia

           You are the sole owner of the vehicle

          Complete freedom to sell the automobile anytime you want

          Option to trade-in your vehicle if you want to purchase a new model

          There is no expiration to your driving rights

          Flexibility to revamp the vehicle without any restrictions

          No limit to driving use and range as there is no mileage cap


Cons of Buying a Kia

           Bigger monthly payment coverage

          Longer term than that of a lease

          Bigger down payment than leasing

          A more costly investment in the short-term


When You Should Buy or Lease a Kia

 Purchasing a Kia at Raymond Kia  will make perfect sense if your planning to create value. It will also give you that feeling of pride and control as the owner of the vehicle while you're covering the payments. What's more, you have the freedom to customize and trade-in your vehicle and use it as much as you want without any limit. If you are looking for a lower monthly payment, Leasing is the way to go. Come into Raymond Kia today, we will guide you through the leasing and buying process!


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