All-Weather or Carpet Floor Mats: Which to Choose?

Here at our dealership in Antioch, IL, we want you to be an informed vehicle owner so that you get the best out of your car and its accessories. Choosing between which floor mats to purchase in your new or used vehicle? Here are a few things to consider when deciding between all-weather or carpet.

Carpet Mats Are Stylish

Carpet floor mats generally come in different colors and styles that can add more style to your vehicle. Generally, carpet mats are harder to clean, but if you don't plan on getting your car too dirty then they are a good and cheaper option.

All-Weather Mats Protect Against Water

The biggest plus from using all-weather mats is that they protect your vehicle from getting water inside. They are also incredibly easy to clean by removing and spraying with water. Visit us at Raymond Kia to purchase a set of floor mats.

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