Car Wax: What is It and Why is It Important?

Raymond Kia cares about our customers being informed vehicle owners and to know how to correctly care for their cars. Whether you live in Antioch, IL somewhere else, waxing your car is important for maintaining it. Your car will stay in good condition longer when you wax it three times a year.

What is car wax made of? That depends on the specific car wax you buy. Examples of materials that car wax is made of include the wax in palm leaves, carnauba leaves, coal, and silicones. Solvents and oils are mixed with these substances to create the final product you can apply to your car. Waxing your car three times a year makes it easier to keep your car clean. The layer of wax protects your car from dirt, pollutants, and water. You also have the option of cleaning your car with non-contact wash when it's regularly waxed.

Car wax is a product you apply to your car three times a year to protect your car from sustaining damage from dirt and other contaminants. It's worth doing to keep your car cleaner longer. You'll save time in the long-run.

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