Auto Tips by Raymond Kia - Get the Most Out of Your Winter Tires

If you're prepared for winter driving in Antioch, IL, it can help you stay safe when you're behind the wheel. There are many types of winter tires that optimize safety, and understanding what each type has to offer can ensure that you get the most out of your winter tires.

Studded snow and ice tires have small, strong studs within the tread. These metal studs are removable and should only be used on surfaces that are covered with ice or snow. Many states restrict their use during non-winter months, and there are some states that have banned studded winter tires altogether. Another downside to studded tires is that they can cause a noisy ride.

Studless tires don't contain metal studs but have a deep, aggressive tread that can push snow and slush away from the tires. These tires also have small slits that help you accelerate, decelerate, and brake on icy roads. Performance ice and snow tires are another type of winter tires that were designed for higher speeds but still offer enhanced traction on the snow and ice.

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