Gaskets: What Purpose do They Serve?

At Raymond Kia, we have a team of associates who are dedicated to keeping Antioch, IL consumers informed about their vehicles. Your vehicle's gaskets serve an important purpose because they seal two or more surfaces together to prevent the leaking and mixing of fluids and gases. Most gaskets are made of multi-level steel, but they can also be made of copper or rubber. There are a variety of gaskets that include head gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, and bearing gaskets.

While gaskets are made to handle extreme temperatures and are long-lasting, they need to be replaced at the first signs of wear. Failing to change deteriorating gaskets can cause damage that is costly to repair.

One warning sign that lets you know your gaskets are failing is when a white substance surfaces around the oil. When you are checking the oil, look for a substance that resembles mayonnaise on the oil stick. Also look for bubbling, gurgling, and foaming coming from under the radiator.

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