Get Your Brakes Checked

Have you noticed any kind of grinding with your vehicle’s brakes? You may hear a squealing or screeching noise every time you press down on the pedal. This is an indication that your brake pads have started to wear down. When this happens, you’ll probably also notice that your car doesn’t stop as fast as it used to. For these cases, you should immediately head to the service department to get your brakes checked. It could be that your rotors are grinding up against the metal parts of your calipers and wheel hub, which will cause warping.

When your rotors start to warp, there are even more dangers ahead. You probably won’t be able to stop your vehicle at all after a while, especially if your rotors break away completely from the wheel hub.

To avoid these issues, you should simply get your vehicle’s braking system checked the next time you head in for a checkup. Along with a tire rotation, the mechanic can look at your brakes and see if you need new pads or more work. Stop by the friendly service team at Raymond Kia located in Antioch, IL to get more information.

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