Android Auto Overview

There are a lot of new things to love about the technology in newer vehicles. While any vehicle since 2015 had sensors and cameras as well as an LCD in the middle of the dashboard, it’s still difficult for drivers to remain focused on the road. With Android Auto, drivers are way more focused on the road. You can now see drivers using voice-enabled commands to do everything in their vehicles thanks to Android Auto applications.

Google unveiled Android Auto in 2014 at their I/O. It was shown to be the most advanced software at the time, allowing drivers to connect to most of the apps on their phones. You can make calls, draft messages, listen to music, and connect to other apps through Android Auto.

You can talk to the friendly people at Raymond Kia located in Antioch, IL about the latest vehicles with Android Auto updates. These are typically standard with most manufacturers, but others keep Android Auto as an advanced feature.

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