Engine Cooling & Radiator Service

The last thing you want to see while driving down the road is steam coming out from under your car hood. That's a classic sign of an overheated engine. Your only option is to pull over and let the engine cool down. You can avoid all of this with routine service on the car's coolant and radiator system.

Your engine gets extraordinarily hot. The water pump circulates coolant around the engine that absorbs some of this heat. The coolant gets circulated out to the radiator where it cools down with the help of air passing through its fins. When this system isn't working properly, the engine can overheat and sustain severe damage.

The car's manufacturer lists recommended times to have the system flushed and serviced. This information is in the car manual. You can schedule a cooling and radiator service with our service department here at Raymond Kia in Antioch, IL by calling today.

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