Tips for Cleaning Your Tires

Brake dust is highly corrosive and can mar the finish on your wheels and car. Removing it after a road trip needs to be a priority to protect your ride. The process itself is easy and can be done at the same time you are cleaning the rest of the vehicle.

Selecting the right cleaner for your wheels and tires is critical. Some cleaners cause damage to painted or powder-coated wheels. You also need the right tools. A soft bristle brush will help clean the wheels without marring the finish. A stiffer brush works better on the tires.

Apply the cleaner as directed, then use the brushes to remove the brake dust. Rinse each wheel thoroughly before moving on to the next. Finally, buff each wheel with a soft cloth. To protect the rest of your ride, let the service department here at Raymond Kia in Antioch, IL handle your repair and maintenance needs.

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