What Does a Blind Spot Monitor Do?

Most newer vehicles are equipped with innovations that provide drivers and passengers with superior protection. At Raymond Kia serving Antioch, IL, we try to keep our consumers informed about the features that are offered with our models. A Blind Spot Monitoring System is one of the most popular safety features that come equipped on vehicles. When it is offered as an optional safety feature, many consumers choose this feature above others.

A Blind Spot Monitor helps to keep you safe by monitoring for vehicles in your blind spot zones. According to the IIHS, Blind Spot Monitoring Systems resulted in a decrease of lane-change accident injuries by 23% and lane-change accidents by 14%.

Blind Spot Monitors work by providing drivers with a visual alert, and there are some systems that provide drivers with an audible alert as well. With most systems, when a vehicle enters a driver's blind spot, a visual alert will appear on the side mirrors.

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