DIY Ways to Remove Odors from Your Vehicle

The best way to remove horrible odors from your vehicle usually involves some troubleshooting. There are a few odors that are harder to get out of your car than others. The odors of smoke and old milk are some of the hardest smells to remove from a vehicle.

Try some obvious techniques to get odor out of your vehicle. These include steam cleaning and odor neutralizers. If the odor is because of a spill, make sure the area is dry and try applying baking soda to the spill. The baking soda tends to work better by covering it with something heavy, such as a floor mat or towel with weight on it.

Consider using odor neutralizers for odors that come from your vents. Spraying it into your vents can help get rid of the odors that circulate inside your car. You can also use coffee grounds and charcoal as odor neutralizers. Having your vehicle serviced at Raymond Kia in Antioch, IL can help you get the answers you need about lingering odors in your car.

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