Careful Methods For Cleaning

As you're drying the windows and other glass surfaces when you're detailing your car, you want to dry the inside and outside in two different directions instead of both in the same way. This will help to prevent streaks from forming on the glass so that you can see better while driving in Antioch, IL.

Shampooing the carpets and the seats inside your vehicle should be a part of detailing as well. This will remove dirt that's in the crevices that you might not be able to see and will usually enhance the way that your car smells as well. Visit Raymond Kia if you don't have the proper tools for shampooing or if you need other detailing done to your car at the same time.

When you're drying the exterior of your car, use a microfiber cloth to remove any lint or other debris left behind after cleaning. Begin drying your car at the top so that debris falls to the bottom of the vehicle instead of moving more debris to the top.

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