Keeping Your Camper Connected to Your Vehicle

There are a few things that you need to examine before towing your camper. Check the trailer hitch as well as the ball to ensure that the parts haven't become loose while towing your camper in the past. Tow bars that are under either vehicle should be properly secured as well.

Examine the equipment that you have on your vehicle as well as the weight limits to ensure that you can safely tow your camper. Make sure there is a set of safety chains that connect both vehicles while you're on the road in Antioch, IL. If the ball or hitch fails, then this will usually be the only thing to keep the camper connected until you can get to Raymond Kia to have the hitch repaired.

The suspension should be examined as well. An upgraded system can offer more comfort while driving and can sometimes protect your tires. The hub bearings need to be secure as well to keep the tires on the camper from coming off.

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