What Does the Alternator Do in My Car?

Many people simply think the battery is responsible for keeping everything up and running under the hood of the vehicle. It might come as a surprise that without the alternator, your driving experience would be far less pleasant than it is today.

The alternator is connected to the engine block by a belt, and as the motor runs, that belt spins to charge the alternator. The charged alternator must be in peak condition because it is gong to be responsible for powering many of the items you can't drive without.

Once the car is running, the alternator has the job of making sure you have heat, air conditioning, charging stations for your mobile devices, gauges on the dash, exterior lights, interior lights, defrosters, wipers, and even the music you listen to.

If you bring your vehicle to Raymond Kia, you won't have to worry about maintenance until the next season arrives.



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