Tailgating Essentials: Things that Don't Seem Essential

What do you need to go tailgating? Most people know what they need and don’t need to be told what to bring with them in a blog post. A tailgater should think about bringing some other things along with him. It may be a good idea for someone to pack an additional kit that does not include food, team gear and an over-sized foam finger.

The practical side can be overlooked. A list of tailgating essentials must include a first aid kit, any necessary medications, and bug spray is a good idea depending on the weather. Sunscreen may or may not be required depending on game time and where the game is taking place.

It is also a good idea to have some emergency supplies in the car for later season games. Some states recommend keeping an emergency kit for use during the winter months. This includes a candle, an emergency blanket and a bit of junk food. These things may seem unnecessary, but if they are not needed, there is no harm in taking them.



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