Installing a Roof Rack

Having a roof rack on your SUV can free up some interior room during your next vacation. However, it's important that your rack is installed efficiently to stay safe. We want you to know as much about your vehicle as possible, so here are some key installation tips.

Before you install the racks, you need to read the instructions and pay close attention to screw torque settings. These accessories are designed to work seamlessly with your vehicle's exterior body. Unfortunately, screws that are too tight or too loose can lease to cosmetic damage or worse. Racks should only be used when necessary, so you're going to end up taking it on and off relatively frequently. To make this process easier, add a drop of grease to the bolts so that they come out with no problems.

If you're having trouble installing your roof rack, stop by Raymond Kia. We'll get the job done right and take care of all your automotive needs.



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