Important Tips for Doing a Professional Touch Up Paint Job

If you notice dings and scratches that are ruining the appearance of your vehicle, there's no need to invest in repainting your entire car. Our service technicians at Raymond Kia in Antioch, IL recommend following a few tips for getting professional results when doing a touch up paint job.

Find out your vehicle's factory color code and order the right color to match your car's current finish from our parts department. If the scratch isn't deep and doesn't reveal metal underneath, go ahead and clean the surface using soap and water prior to sanding the paint around the scratch. This prepares the surface to accept the new paint.

Carefully apply the paint using a touch up applicator, the end of a toothpick or a very small paint brush. Deeper scratches to your vehicle revealing metal underneath require applying some primer to the affected area prior to applying the new coat of paint.

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