Dim Headlights and How to Fix Them

Car headlights do not just blow out like household lights often do. Instead, they gradually become dark until they are utterly useless. Although dimming lights are easy to notice, most drivers tend to ignore such signs until the bulbs burn out. Dim headlights are a result of factors such as oxidation and reduced maintenance. We suggest you do the following to fix dim lights.

  • Use automobile polish to refine the headlights and check for any signs of yellowing that may be reducing the effectiveness of the headlight. You can visit our dealership for the same.
  • Dim headlights can sometimes be as a result of inadequate power. In most cases, it is the alternator or the electric voltage that has a problem. To fix such a problem, turn on the headlight to the condition of the alternator output using a multimeter.

If the headlights are still dim, it’s time to replace your bulbs. Visit Raymond Kia in Antioch and upgrade your lights to modern lights replacement.

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