What Your Dashboard Warning Lights Mean

Every car is installed with electronics lighting on the dashboard. The lights are crucial in giving hints in case of a malfunction and even general breakdown. The meaning of the various dashboard warning is essential for you to veer from expensive repairs and dangerous driving. Our trained staff at Raymond Kia elaborates on the meaning of some lights.

Brake system warning light: brakes are crucial, and any problem should be acted fast. A lighting with an exclamation in a circle indicates a breaking issue.

Engine warning light: a light in the form of an engine shape on the dashboard will indicate an ECU problem, it is often due to altered engine response. Which may include lack of power, misfire during acceleration, or a substantial mechanical issue.

Airbag warning light: for safety reasons, it is good that the airbag is fully functional. When it is illuminated it means the airbag won't go off in a crash and that is dangerous.

Some issues are not easily fixed and are signs that you need to visit our reputable dealership in Antioch for full troubleshooting.

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