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Back-to-School Vehicle Readiness

It's back-to-school time and that includes making sure your vehicle is ready. Here at Raymond Kia, we want to ensure your vehicle is in perfect running order and has everything you need for the school year.

It's important to stay organized within your vehicle since you'll be hauling books and bags, sports equipment, musical instruments, and more. Now is a good time to make sure the trunk has adequate space, along with your safety equipment, for all of your stuff. Now's a good time to make sure you have an auto safety kit for emergency situations…

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Installing a Roof Rack

Having a roof rack on your SUV can free up some interior room during your next vacation. However, it's important that your rack is installed efficiently to stay safe. We want you to know as much about your vehicle as possible, so here are some key installation tips.

Before you install the racks, you need to read the instructions and pay close attention to screw torque settings. These accessories are designed to work seamlessly with your vehicle's exterior body. Unfortunately, screws that are too tight or too loose can lease to cosmetic damage or worse. 

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Getting to Know Some Common Motor Oil Myths

Motor oil is a complicated subject. It's important to have the correct information when making a decision regarding the product. Below we have compiled a list of commonly cited motor oil myths.

First, it is essential you change your filter with every oil change. You may be tempted to save a few bucks by not doing this, but in the long run, it can cost you hundreds. Replacing your filter prevents harmful substances from entering your engine, and as such is a crucial part of the oil change process.

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Keep Your Car's Roadside Emergency Kit Full of the Right Items

The crew working at Raymond Kia have compiled a short list of things you should be keeping in your roadside emergency kit to limit problems off the highway.

Pack a small first-aid kit for being able to deal with minor injuries long enough until help does arrive. Bring a big flashlight and new batteries so you can wave for help at night or use the light to see when your working on the vehicle in the dark. Pack jumper cables in the trunk so your car could be jump-started when the first motorist stops to help.

Fill a small bag…

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Warning Signs it's Time for a Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement

Being able to identify the signs the windshield wiper blades are failing will help to reduce the likelihood they reduce your vision in the rain and lead to dangerous driving conditions.

One of the easiest ways to determine if the windshield wiper blades on your vehicle are failing is to watch what happens when they are being used in the rain. When you begin to see areas with streaks, other car's headlights are creating a glare, or there are blurry spots, the wipers are not working as they should.

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Caring for All of the Components of Brakes

When you press down on the brake in your vehicle, there are a number of components that come into action. Each of those components must be properly cared for if you want to be able to stop your vehicle at any moment.

When you press on your brake, you are trusting every component of that brake to move into action. It is important that your brake fluids get changed on a regular basis.

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How to Test Your Car's Battery at Home

Have you noticed something wrong with your car's headlights lately? If your lights seem to be going dim and your car is starting up slowly, then you may have an issue with your car battery or electrical system. Car batteries should be checked once or twice per year, before the winter season especially. If you live in an area where it gets extremely cold, a battery with low voltage could mean that you will be stranded.

The easiest way to check a battery at home is with a multimeter. This is a device that you can pick up online…

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Do You Know the Difference between Front-Wheel and Rear-Wheel Drive?

There are many different ways that your drivetrain can be configured with new models coming out from automakers. In some cases, you can have drivetrains that are able to modded on the fly. Most cars are made with front-wheel drive (FWD). This is the most fuel-efficient drivetrain, but it doesn't provide a ton of power. With FWD, the car is pulled forward. However, with rear-wheel drive (RWD), cars are pushed forward. This is why they have more power but also fuel efficiency.

All-wheel drivetrain setups are the best of both worlds. You get power and efficiency, while also being…

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Is Your Exhaust System Leaking?

Your vehicle is a system of very intricate and complex working parts and systems. Your exhaust system is just one of these areas of your vehicle, and with regular use, there will inevitably be things that you need to repair and replace. Your exhaust system can become damaged, and when this happens, you will likely notice there is something wrong because of one or more of the following issues:

  • When your vehicle first starts up, some steam or smoke comes from the back of your vehicle out of the exhaust.
  • As your are driving, you are noticing your engine sounds…
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Towing Tips to Remember This Spring

Towing our boats, bikes and other toys can be a lot of fun when we’re out and about. Few things take the fun out of towing faster then accidents or mishaps caused from not taking proper safety measures. Visit the professionals at our car repair and maintenance facility and let us get your vehicle ready for safe towing.

Towing is easy enough to do with a little experience, but it’s still important to follow some safe towing tips.

  • Load the heaviest things first, tie them down and make sure they’re evenly balanced.
  • Make sure your towing equipment…
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