Making Sense of Your Car Warranty

Dealers take pride in giving car buyers as much information as possible when choosing their next vehicle. To make an informed purchase decision, it is critical that you know the difference between a powertrain warranty and a bumper-to-bumper warranty. Generally speaking, a powertrain warranty covers components such as the engine and transmission.

A bumper-to-bumper warranty covers just about every other part of the car such as the air conditioning or sound system. Ironically, it doesn't actually cover damage done to the bumpers. Neither warranty will cover anything deemed to be a wear item. Wear items typically include a car's battery, engine fluids or glass.

As a general rule, powertrain warranties generally last longer than bumper-to-bumper warranties. If you need to bring your car in for service, you can visit our service center at Raymond Kia. Service may be performed even if a repair is not covered under a vehicle's warranty.

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